Around the Léman Lake

The life-size mountains

Around the Léman Lake, the Jura and Alps mountains will offer you a magnificient choice of walks and hikes through forests, meadows, lakes, rivers and summits with breathtaking panoramas.

Around Geneva and the lake

Geneva's vineyard***

With its 1,400 hectares of vineyards, Geneva is Switzerland’s third largest wine-producing canton. The biggest veinyard village is Satigny, only 10min from the city centre by train. Some 95 wineries produce a range of high-quality wines, such as Chasselas and other white varietals ranging from Gewürztraminer to Viognier, along with flagship reds like Cabernet Sauvignon and Gamaret.

A 45 minutes drive from Geneva

Annecy, the old town and its lake

Annecy, the “little Venice of the Alps”

In the heart of Upper Savoy, the town of Annecy has a wealth of unique viewpoints and areas of nature amid lake and the mountains. Take a look at the Old Town with its captivating charm and stroll along its many canals to the Musée Château, the castle museum overlooking the city.

The mountain climbing birthplace


Legendary Chamonix

Cham' is a destination popular the world over. In the streets of this high-mountain town you'll hear languages from every corner of the globe. But the people who come to this 'summit meeting' share the same way of thinking, the same love for mountaineering, its legends and its ethics.

When you're out shopping in the town centre, wherever you are look up and you'll see 'it' there… 4,810 metres (15,781 ft) of rock, snow, ice and dreams of things to come.

Au bout du lac


Montreux Riviera stretches along Lake Geneva from Lutry to Villeneuve. Blessed by a Mediterranean climate, this region features historic castles, vibrant towns, a lovely countryside.

Lavaux vineyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007, is the jewel of Montreux Riviera.

The majestic panorama at Rochers-de-Naye, the peaceful Grangettes nature reserve and the fields of blooming narcissus in May, the castle of Chillon are the main attractions.

To discover


At the foot of the Pre-Alps, you will be enchanted by the charm and picturesque architecture of the medieval town of Gruyères. The town has given its name to the area and to its delicious cheese.

To be discovered: the castle of Gruyère, la cheese factory, the choclate factory Cailler in Broc.